Workout Warrior

You love a good challenge, and your workouts follow suit. Use this fitness plan to kick it up a notch by trying new equipment, learning a new exercise or taking a high-intensity class. While you’re at it, why not sign up for a local race or sporting event outside of the gym? Just remember to incorporate a rest day into your weekly routine.

Choose between these classes and floor exercises for three workouts per week and include some time to rest in between.

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Top Classes To Try

The SilverSneakers Circuit workout offers standing, low-impact choreography alternated with standing upper-body strength work with hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles and a SilverSneakers ball. A chair is available for standing support.

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Stability is the newest class designed to help you become stronger and improve balance. The movements taught in class focus on specific exercises to improve strength and power around the ankle, knee and hip joints, while improving your reaction time. This class is designed for fall prevention and is suitable for nearly every fitness level. It can be adapted depending on the skill of individual participants. A chair may be used for balance and support.

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Gym Floor Exercises


Warm up with some gentle aerobic exercise for at least 10 minutes.



What you’ll need: A step or platform, 2 dumbbells

  1. Holding dumbbells by your sides, stand facing a step or platform.
  2. Place your left foot on top of the step so your left knee is over your ankle, without going past your ankle.
  3. Shift your weight to your left leg and step up while exhaling. Do this by contracting your abs, glutes and leg muscles. Try not to push off with your right foot or use momentum.
  4. As you step up, bring your right foot up onto the step to meet your left.
  5. Pause, and slowly return to starting position while inhaling.
  6. Switch legs and repeat steps 1-5.
Cable Trunk Rotation

What you’ll need: A cable pulley

  1. Stand with your legs wider than shoulder-width apart so the pulley is to the right of your body.
  2. Reach across your body and grip the handle with both hands, arms out straight to the right.
  3. With your body centered over your right leg, push off the right foot and shift your weight to the left leg while rotating your abs and chest, keeping your arms straight.
  4. Twist as far to the left as possible, then slowly reverse the motion by twisting your arms back across your body until you return to starting position.
Seated Cable Row

What you’ll need: Seated cable row machine with V-bar

  1. Sit at the cable row machine with your knees slightly bent and your feet flat on the foot rest.
  2. Grasp the V-bar handle while keeping your back flat, abs contracted and chest lifted. Your head and spine should be aligned.
  3. Exhale as you pull your hands back toward your ribcage, keeping your elbows close to your sides.
  4. Pause, and then slowly return to starting position while inhaling.
Body-Weight Squats

What you’ll need: A chair or bench

  1. Stand with a neutral spine and your feet hip-width apart. Position a chair or bench behind you, plus a second chair in front of you for added support as needed.
  2. Exhale while you lower your body by bending at your knee and hip joints. Keep your chest up and your weight centered over the mid to back part of your foot. Try to prevent your knees from extending past your toes.
  3. Using a chair or bench as a guide, do not allow your thighs to move past parallel with the floor.
  4. Pause at the bottom of the movement and exhale as you return to starting position.


Cool down with some gentle stretches for all major muscle groups.


Workout Warrior Takeaways

  • Set Goals

    Set realistic goals and celebrate your success along the way.

  • Change It Up

    Try a variety of exercises, and be sure to include activities you enjoy.

  • Stay Hydrated

    Remember to drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated during your workout.

  • Seek Advice

    Validate your exercises with your doctor, especially if you’re managing a condition or injury.

  • Make It Personal

    Ask your SilverSneakers instructors for ideas on how to modify, progress or update your fitness plan.