Whether you use SilverSneakers to stay fit so you can travel or keep up with your grandkids, or you are trying to manage a chronic disease, we all have something to share. Each story is unique, and yours could be the inspiration someone else needs to get started on his/her own path to a healthier life. Tell us about your journey and how you got to where you are today or what you hope to accomplish. We want to be inspired by you!

Need a starting point? Feel free to use any of the following questions to get started. Or answer your own and tell us what makes you unique.

  • How has fitness changed your life?
  • What motivates you to stay active?
  • What are any goals you have that fitness has helped you achieve, or can help you?
  • What has working out taught you about yourself?
  • What have been your greatest challenges in creating the habit of exercise?
  • What is your favorite aspect of SilverSneakers?


 “SilverSneakers has enhanced my health. Participating in weekly exercise has helped me to keep my weight appropriate. There are classes to teach you exercise that improve your balance so my chances of falling are diminished.” – Marilyn J., Indiana

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We want to hear how fitness has changed your life. We want to know it all, the ups and downs; it all creates the story! Keep in mind, your candidness can help others relate to your story. No matter the feat, great or small, we have all overcome odds to get where we are. Now is the time to share your story!
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